Our Dogs

The dogs we select for breeding have proven themselves hunting wild birds, in competition and with our family.

In addition, they are:

  • AKC and American Field registered
  • OFA certified (both hips and elbows
  • Permanently identified by microchip
  • Genetically (DNA) registered with AKC and American Field

About Our Breeding Program

We breed approximately one litter a year with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

It is our goal to breed the finest dogs for field, show and home. We breed for:

  • Health
  • Temperament
  • Hunting Ability
  • Conformation
  • Intelligence

We expect our dogs to be equally happy in your home and in the field.

You are welcome to come visit us and meet our dogs. All of our dogs are family dogs and live in the house with us.

References are available upon request.

Our Puppy Guarantee

Each of our dogs come with a puppy contract. This contract guarantees the health and well being of your dog. Our contract includes:

  • Guarantee of a healthy puppy at the time of purchase.
  • Lifetime guarantee against genetic defects (including hip dysplasia).
  • Guarantee that your puppy is up to date on vaccines and has been dewormed at the time of purchase.
  • Our promise that we will take the puppy back if for any reason you are unable to care for it.

In addition, each of our puppies comes with:

  • AKC registration certificate.
  • Tail docked and dew claws removed.
  • Permanent microchip ID in case your dog is ever lost.
  • A starter kit of information, a small bag of puppy food and a towel that smells like home.
  • A copy of the excellent book: "The Brittany: Amateurs Training With Professionals" by Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb.
  • Lifetime support and advice on behavior and health issues.


Our puppies cost between $1,000 and $1,300, depending on the breeding. The price for puppies from each litter is set before the litter is bred and is non-negotiable. Males and females are the same price. We never offer "discounts" on our puppies or have "leftovers." We find that families who are well prepared for the cost and difficulties of owning a puppy make the best homes and we would prefer to keep a puppy ourselves rather than sell it to someone looking to make a deal.

Matching a Brittany to a Family

Rather than asking owners to "pick" a puppy based on pictures and possibly a short visit or two, we find it works best if we match our puppies with their future home. When we interview our potential puppy buyers, we ask questions about many things including who lives in your house, who visits regularly, other pets, how active you are and what types of things you'd like to do with your Brittany. We spend a great deal of time with our puppies and observe their behavior every day. When the puppies are approximately 7 weeks old we take specific pictures of the puppies, expose them to a wing on a string and do one-on-one puppy behavioral testing. We take notes about what we see and endeavor to match each puppy with the best home for them. We find that the behavior of each puppy changes day-by-day but that, over time, we are able to see trends in behavior that gives us the best picture of how each puppy will develop as an adult. Future owners may specify the gender of their puppy if they wish but we ask owners to keep an open mind about which puppy will best fit their family.

Is a Brittany Right for Me?

We think the world of our dogs but we know that a Brittany isn't right for everyone. They're high energy dogs, both in the field and in your house. Brittanys tend to be excellent family dogs but can be quite destructive and misbehaved if not given an outlet for their energy and curiosity. No amount of walking on leash is going to be enough exercise or mental stimulation for a young Brittany. These are dogs that need to RUN FAST at least a little bit several times a week. See our training tips on exercising a dog in the city for more ideas on the amount of exercise these energetic dogs need. If you contact us about our puppies, be prepared to answer questions about you, your living situation and your plans for the puppy. It's important to us that each of our puppies goes to a home where he or she can live a long and happy life.

Previous Litters

As the puppies grow, we keep you updated with pictures, emails and regular website updates. See an example of our previous litters here: Charlie x Allie or here: Charlie x Annie