04. Using an E-Collar

Post date: Aug 16, 2011 6:42:58 PM

There are entire books on this subject and I won't try to summarize an entire area of training here. Just a few rules to live by.

    • Get someone to show you how to use your e-collar before you put it on your dog.
    • Learn to use the remote without looking at it or thinking about it. Your eyes and focus need to be on the dog.
    • Timing is key - if you're a second late, you may be teaching your dog a completely different lesson than you intended.
    • Use the collar on yourself before you use it on your dog. You need to know what the different modes feel like.
    • Only use the collar to enforce commands the dog already knows.
    • Use the collar at the lowest setting needed to get the dog's attention. If the dog yelps, it's too high.
    • Never use the collar to punish the dog.
    • If you're angry with your dog, turn the collar off. You aren't going to do any good with it anyway.
    • Never use the collar when you can't see the dog. He may be doing something bad but he also may have just gone on point.
    • When in doubt, stay off the collar and save the lesson for next time.