Dee x Annie

GFC FC AFC Black Creek Deacon "Dee" x NAGDC GAFC FC AFC High Hopes Little Ann "Annie"


Three puppies were whelped on July 23, 2017. One male is available to a competition home. In the pictures, the male is the one with the fewest markings. View the photo album here:

Our Breeding Program

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About this Litter

We couldn't be more excited about the breeding of these outstanding bird dogs. Dee brings independence, stamina and speed. Annie brings a snappy run, long nose and exceptional point. Both of these dogs pointed early and often and both finished their Field Champion titles before they turned 5. This is going to be a hard hitting, high energy breeding.

The litter will be American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Field (AF) registered and futurity nominated.

Here's what we expect from these pups:

  • High energy bird dogs with independence, speed and point
  • Quality conformation with the structure to run fast and far
  • Intelligence and instinct to locate birds, get them pinned and hold them
  • Desire to learn what is asked of them and do it every time

These two dogs are hot and we expect the pups to be fast, big running, hard hitting bird dogs. That said, Annie and Dee have the classic Brittany temperament and the pups must have the opportunity to bond with a family.

About the Parents

"Dee" GFC FC AFC Black Creek Deacon

Dee is owned by Ron Harling of the prestigious "Black Creek Kennel" in upstate New York. The Harlings have been involved in Brittanys for more than 50 years and have owned and bred some of the finest Brittanys in the nation. Dee is a big-running all age Brittany handled by professional trainer Chad Holman of Holman Kennels in Whittington, Illinois. Throughout his field trial career, Dee has traveled across the country, competing against the best of the best, making his lengthy record of field trial wins and placements all the more impressive.

  • AKC Grand Field Champion, Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion
  • American Field Champion
  • 2x Runner Up at All Age Nationals
  • Runner up in the 2013 ABC Quail Classic (against 62 dogs!)
  • See all of Dee's field trial placements here
  • OFA Good
  • DNA profiled

"Annie" NAGDC GAFC FC AFC High Hopes Little Ann

  • National Amateur Gun Dog Champion, Field Champion, Grand Amateur Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion
  • Winner of 2016 Amateur Gun Dog Nationals
  • Runner up at 2015 Amateur Gun Dog Nationals
  • 3rd Place at 2010 Amateur Gun Dog Nationals
  • Runner up at 2011 Amateur Gun Dog Nationals
  • 34 adult field trial placements (including 13 firsts) at the age of four.
  • East Central Region Gun Dog of the year, 2011
  • Runner-up, Magnum's Masked Man Award for the National Gun Dog of the year, 2011
  • Those who have seen her run remember the experience. Annie will put the hairs on the back of your neck on end.
  • See all of Annie's field trial placements here
  • OFA Good, elbows normal
  • DNA Profiled


You'll note the extraordinary accomplishments of the dogs on this pedigree. Hall of Fame dogs appear in both pedigrees, however this breeding is an outcross of two outstanding dogs. We're excited about this litter because we think the conformation, running style and extreme point of these two dogs will compliment each other and produce fast, intelligent, hard-hitting bird dogs with endurance and a whole lot of point.

Deacon x Annie Litter Pedigree